Greece 2011 - Loukas Giorkas ft. Stereo Mike, Watch My Dance

"Ki an peso ego xana tha sikotho"

Sweden 2011 - Eric Saade, Popular

"I will be popular, I will be popular"

Turkey 2010 - maNga, We Could Be the Same

"We could be the same, no matter what they say"

Israel 2010 - Harel Skaat, Milim

"Elohim, hesh’art li rak milim"

Greece 2009 - Sakis Rouvas, This is Our Night

"This is our night, fly to the top baby"

Sweden 2009 - Malena Ernman, La Voix

"J’entends la voix"

Denmark 2008 - Simon Mathew, All Night Long

"Who’s to tell what’s to come? All I know is tomorrow, today will be gone"

Russia 2008 - Dima Bilan, Believe

"I’m falling off the sky and I’m all alone, the courage that’s inside is gonna break my fall"

Armenia 2008 - Sirusho, Qele Qele

"Instead of watching me, you should be reaching me"

Sweden 2007 - The Ark, The Worrying Kind

"I’m just a silly old boy with my head in the can"